Fareclock is employee time attendance software
for your business

Robust, essential features to make your payroll a breeze

Cloud technology

Because Fareclock is cloud-based, no server, software installation or IP address is needed, resulting in a lower investment cost.

Mobile apps

The Fareclock employee time clock app works with iPhone and iPad and Android phones and tablets.


Fareclock uses a data-protected and encrypted web infrastructure that is continuously replicated to a minimum of three separate data centers around the globe.

Face recognition

End "buddy punching" with best-in-class facial recognition. Or, simply use an employee pin if you wish.

Geo rules

Make sure employees clock IN and OUT where they are supposed to.

Shift schedules

Manage employee work schedules using calendar-based shift classes, breaks and rounding rules.


Fareclock will calculate your payroll, using rich pay classes, pay codes and overtime rules.

Job costing

Track employee hours by job, job phase, cost code and cost center.

Powerful reports

Filter, group and analyze your employee hour and pay any way you like.


Fareclock will export your payroll to any 3rd party payroll system, using built-in and customizable exporters.

API access

Integrate Fareclock into your software application using RESTful API.

Tech support

Email, phone and chat support is included with all plans and our free trial.

Mobile time clock

Easy to use
Employee one-touch access to clock IN and OUT.
Variety of devices
The Fareclock mobile time clock works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets.
Best-in-class face recognition
Clock IN using face recognition in under a second with 99.99% accuracy. And optionally enabled face liveness detection will reject a photo held in front of camera.
Multiple login options
As administrator, you choose whether employees clock IN using face recognition, face + pin number, or pin only.
Always works
Employees can clock IN whether or not there is internet access.
Additional features
You can display custom announcements to employees, and employees can also view their punch history and total hours.
Geo rules
You can set up geo rules so that employees clock IN at a required location. Or, just track where they clock IN.
Job costing
Optionally configure job costing so you know what employees are working on.

Administrator console

Access anywhere
Because Fareclock is cloud-based, you can access your account data anywhere using a web browser.
At-a-glance Dashboard
The Dashboard gives you top-level organization information, with exceptions brought to your attention.
Powerful reports
Fareclock offers a wide variety of reporting features, including pivot grids, numerous filtering options and memorized settings.
Print, save or export
Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, CSV or to your payroll accounting software.
Time Card editor
As an administrator, you can view and edit employee time cards at ease.
Administrator permissions
Multiple administrators can be set up, each with his or here own access level permissions.
Employee schedules
You can set up rich employee work schedules using shift classes, breaks and rounding rules.
Recurring or single shifts
Shifts can be recurring or single event.
One All-Inclusive Plan
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